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See this music video at the GadZook Video page!

Part of the 6 Short Films Project

A Zombie love story set to music

Music by The Tangents

A great shoot. A logistic nightmare which was pulled off rather neatly, I thought. We had to get the entire cast and crew to an island accesible only by boat along with all the equipment, without missing our deadlines and fudging our schedule. Once we got to Vashon, everything fell into place. The band was great to work with, our zombies were damn fine and the day was beautiful (if not completely sunny).

Special thanks to Susan Hanson at Vashon Island High School (Dom's alma mater) and the Washington State Ferry system for being mostly on time that day.

Official selection of:
2004 NW Film Forum's Local Sightings
Projections Film Festival 2004
2004 Market Film Festival


Scot Baxter - Guy Zombie
Amanda Rountree - Girl Zombie

The Tangents:

Vocals, Guitar: Rene Aceves
Vocals: Elyse Shapiro
Lead Guitar: Mark
Bass Guitar: Chris Borgia
Drums: Johnny Gunn


Dom Zook

Jessica Baxter

Director of Photography
Bob Watson

Jessica Baxter

Original Music
Rene Aceves

Key Grip
Ken Westermann

1st AD
Cecelia Gunn

Dog Wrangler
Faye Hoerauf

Art Direction
BethAnn Galiardi

Geoff Bough
Jennifer Boettiger

Production Manager

Script Supervisor
Rik Deskin

Kim Deskin