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See the trailer at the GadZook Video page!

When an unexpected snowstorm strikes Seattle the dead rise from their graves to prey on the city's helpless citizens. From the confines of their living room, a group of unlikely heroes emerge to stop the flesh-hungry hordes, only to discover that zombies aren't the only evil they are up against.

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day was produced in association with Tangent Productions and the Shunpike and a bunch of superbly talented Seattle filmmakers. The script was completed in January, 2004 and pre-production began in October 2004. Shooting began in January 2005 and we entered post-production in February. The movie was completed in early May. The film would not have been made possible were it not for the tremendous dedication and abilities of its cast and crew. Thank you all!

We get asked a lot about the zombie make-up effects for this short. And for good reason. They're awesome! You'll want to track down Tim Vittetoe, our Make-up Supervisor, who even sells some of the appliances we used in the film on his site, Tim Vittetoe Originals.


Justin Alley
Benjamin Dunn
Tim Tate
Zach Adair
Robert Boitor
Kelly Hyde
Gary Crawford
Mary Urlie
Matt Lovell
Andy McCone
And many, many more!

Selected Crew

Dom Zook

Directors / Writers / Co-Producers
Jessica Baxter
Faye Hoerauf

Director of Photography
krk nordenstrom

Production Manager
Cecelia Gunn

1st AD
Chris Borgia

Location Manager
Dave Drummond

Brian H. Barnett

Props Mistress
Kayobi Tierney

Lead Make-up Artist
Tyla Smith/David Hitt

Lead Special F/X Designer
Tim Vittetoe

Warddrobe Supervisor
Cherelle Ashby

Script Supervisor
Camille Barrat

Storyboards/Conceptual Art
Seth Goodkind

EPK Director
Jesse Zook Mann