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The Night Shift (2001-2003)


See the Season 2 teaser at the GadZook Video page!

The Night Shift started production in the Fall of 2000. Shooting began in early 2001 with the first episodes airing in April. With assistance from the local Public Access station we set out to make one of the first independently televised sketch-comedy shows in the Northwest.

With little more than a digital camera, a cast and crew of talented folk, and a dedication to making funny, The Night Shift recieved one fan voice-mail after two seasons.

From L-R: Lori Lee Haener (seated), Ingrid Sanai Buron, Michael White, Dom Zook.

Paul Mullen and Elizabeth Ammann, and the infamous "kidney bean" table.

A dramatic moment from Anna Warren and Miguel Romero.


Some stuff on the show for your reading enjoyment:

It's all in how the players handle themselves, and they do it beautifully.

- Rory L. Aronsky
Film Threat

Night Shift [...] practically commits grand theft DVD by showing the funniest skits in the anthology.

- Heidi Martinuzzi
MicroCinema Scene