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See the film at the GadZook Video page!

What happens when a group of filmmakers are given 48 hours to write, cast, shoot, edit and add music to a short film? Hook Her, my friends. What ensued could only be described as "Moments! of Hilarity!"

Made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project, Hook Her screened on Tuesday, July 12th at the historic Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA with around 24 other films created as part of the project. At the screening ballots were handed out to select the top three Audience favorites. Hook Her came in second in overall votes - an astounding success! The theater was quite well attended.

After a few weeks of deliberation the judges for the local arm of the project, those folks who decided which film moves on to compete for the Grand Prize, made their decisions. Our little film WON! Hook Her won Best Film, Best Use of Prop (doormat) and Best Music!

The required elements were:
Prop: A doormat
Character: J. Ellepano, Fisherman
Line of Dialogue: "Maybe, but not on my watch."


Benjamin Dunn
Terri Wegeant
Gevin Booth


Dom Zook

Jessica Baxter
Faye Hoerauf

Cherry Young

Director of Photography
Brian Barnett

Bevin Flynn

Sound Editor
Amy Enser

1st AD
Chris Borgia

Best Boy
Patrick Ridgley

Sound Operator
Dusty Edwards

Jef Faulkner

All-around Guy
Gevin Booth