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GadZook Films was initially formed as a comic-book publisher by Dom Zook and a couple of his high-school pals. Known then as Empire Productions the group was quick to realize churning out a monthly comic was not an easy undertaking! Throughout the years the focus drifted to film-making until in 1999 Dom made his first short film - a sketch about a Titanic obsessed geek reliving his favorite moment from that movie for 30 seconds. In 2001 with the creation of The Night Shift the company was officially transitioned into a film-making enterprise. Still headquartered in Seattle GadZook Films' key idea was that the Pacific Northwest is an extremely viable yet under-recognized market for producing quality film and video projects. GadZook Films is composed of talented and resourceful individuals whose goal is to create the funny, the dramatic, the absurd and the endearing. We're here to entertain.